What is Facial Lipoatrophy?

Facial Lipoatrophy is characterized by the loss of fat underneath the skin. Although Facial Lipoatrophy is normal in advanced age and sometimes in healthy, young individuals, most cases of moderate and severe Facial Lipoatrophy are associated with HIV treatment.

Facial Lipoatrophy is a potential problem of about one million people in the United States who are HIV-positive. Facial Lipoatrophy can result in sunken cheeks, hollow eyes, and indentations. Although persons affected by facial lipoatrophy often have well-controlled HIV disease and are otherwise healthy, the effects of HIV facial lipoatrophy may suggest otherwise, resulting in stigmatization and psychological trauma. Renú® is a safe, next generation dermal filler for correction of the signs of Facial Lipoatrophy that provides both immediate and long-lasting results.