How is RENÚ® Different?

RENÚ® is different because it lasts longer than hyaluronic acid based fillers short-acting injectables. Further, Renú’s advanced composition both volumizes and stimulates new collagen growth. This desirable response means that wrinkles and folds maintain a cosmetic correction over the long term. RENÚ® is a robust, high viscosity, full-bodied material, which allows physicians a superior level of malleability and finesse for facial aesthetic applications.

Natural Beauty: RENÚ® is the ideal beauty enhancer for every woman or man who wants to regain the smooth fullness and natural-looking contours of a youthful appearance.

A Worthwhile Investment: RENÚ® provides immediate cosmetic improvement with enhanced results that last longer than other fillers. This translates to an injectable solution that is attainable for increasing numbers of patients who want sustained age-defying benefits without downtime at a fraction of the cost of other fillers or surgery.

The Optimal Choice: RENÚ® the optimal choice for women or men who have used short-acting fillers but are frustrated by the cost and inconvenience of repeat injections every few months and want to avoid the risks of permanent implants.